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Small-sized Compression Load Cells
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5 N to 1 kN 

LMA-A-5 to 50N
LMA-A-100N to 1KN

Compact, Lightweight, Low Price
Suitable for Load Distribution

Compact and lightweight LMA-A series load cells
can be used by merely putting or bonding on the
measurement point or setting in a hollow.


*TEDS-installed versions can be manufactured. Inquiries are welcome.

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Model Rated
Natural Frequency
Mount Base
LMA-A-5N 5N 15.3kHz 1.5g CFM-5A
LMA-A-10N 10N 17.5kHz
LMA-A-20N 20N 24.8kHz
LMA-A-50N 50N 32.6kHz
LMA-A-100N 100N 21.6kHz 11g CFM-100A
LMA-A-200N 200N 29.7kHz
LMA-A-500N 500N 43.9kHz
LMA-A-1KN 1kN 53kHz

*1: not including cable


Rated Capacity See table above
Nonlinearity Within ±1% RO
Hysteresis Within ±1% RO
Repeatability 1% RO or less
Rated Output 0.6 to 2 mV/V (1200 to 4000 μm/m) (LMA-A-5N)
0.75 to 2 mV/V (1500 to 4000 μm/m) (LMA-A-10N to 1KN)

Note: Rated output is sorted to one of the classes divided by every 2%
difference in output value. Since the rated output stated in the Test Data
Sheet is the center value of the class, it may have a maximum error of ±1%.

Environmental Characteristics

Safe Temperature Range -10 to 60°C (however, noncondensing)
Compensated Temperature Range 0 to 50°C (however, noncondensing)
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance Within ±0.3% RO/°C (LMA-A-5N)
Within ±0.2% RO/°C (LMA-A-10N to 50N)
Within ±0.05% RO/°C (LMA-A-100N to 1KN)
Temperature Effect on Output Within ±0.2%/°C (LMA-A-5N to 50N)
Within ±0.05%/°C (LMA-A-100N to 1KN)

Electrical Characteristics

Safe Excitation Voltage 7V AC or DC
Recommended Excitation Voltage 1 to 5 VAC or DC
Input Resistance 350Ω±2.5%
Output Resistance 350Ω±2.5%
Cable 4-conductor (0.035 mm 2 ) vinyl shielded cable,
1.7 mm diameter by 2 m long, bared at the tip
(Shield wire is not connected to mainframe.)

Mechanical Properties

Safe Overload Rating 150%
Natural Frequency See table above
Weight See table above
Material Copper alloy (LMA-A-5N to 50N)
Stainless steel (LMA-A-100N to 1KN)

Optional Accessory

Mount Base CFM-A

Mount Base CFM-A
Material: Aluminum alloy

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