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Strain gages are sensing elements that electrically detect micro mechanical changes referred to as "strain."
Strain gage type transducers use strain gages in the "force to electrical quantity" conversion component and convert physical quantity into electrical output.
These instruments amplify, read, record, and convert signals from transducers into digital data. KYOWA offers a wide lineup of products.
KYOWA measuring instruments are used for applications such as automotive performance testing, safety checks and assessment of travelling comfort, and in measuring systems for crash safety testing.
KYOWA system is used in road and traffic systems, various kinds of experimental and testing devices and systems.
Our product lineup includes a wide range of transducers for civil engineering measurements, special measuring instruments and automatic monitoring measurement systems for bedrock, landslides, structures, and dams.
Used for connection of KYOWA products.
We offer an extensive lineup of software to deal with all kinds of measurement needs ranging from data collection and analysis to report creation.

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