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Encapsulated strain gages

-196°C to 950°C


Typical Applications

Grasping the physical properties of:

  • High-temperature gas turbines blades 
  • Aircraft jet engine turbines
  • Incinerators and heat treat furnaces 
  • Petrochemical reactors
  • Heat-resistant alloys, etc.

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Model KHCX-10-120-G13-11 C2MV
KHCX-10-120-G13-13 C2MV
Gage type Uniaxial 2-element temperature-compensation type 
Resistive element Heat-resistant special alloy
Sensing part Gage length: 10 mm
Flange: 3(W)×20(L) mm, t = 0.1 mm 
Sheath tube and flange: Inconel 600( equivalent to JIS NCF 600 )
Gage resistance  Approx. 120Ω
Lead wire cable MI cable: Inconel 600-sheathed 3 Ni-conductor cable, 1.6 m diameter by approx. 2 m long (std.)
Soft cable: ETFE-coated 3-conductor shielded cable, 1.7 m diameter by approx. 50 cm long
Max. operating temp. Approx. 950°C
Appl. lin. exp. coef.  11, 13×10 -6 /°C
Gage factor
 (sensing part only)
Approx. 1.7 at room temperature
Approx. 1.5 at 950°C
Thermally-induced app. strain The estimated curve is shown in the test data sheet.
Temp. comp. range  25 to 950°C
Operating temp. range  -196°C to 950°C
Drift Within ±20 μm/m
Strain limit  ±10000 μm/m at 950°C
Fatigue life 1×10 6 times at 950°C(with strain level ±100 μm/m)
Max. allowable current 50 mA
Min. mountable curvature radius 75 mm (20 mm if the flange is fabricated before delivery)
・Model with no bridge adapter is also available.

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